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Frontpage Showcase RokGallery Module

- Module Type: RokGallery
- Module Position: showcase-a

How to Create a New Gallery

Step 1: Create Your Gallery

1. Create your new gallery by going to components > rokgallery.
2. Click on the gallery icon in the top right corner.
3. Create the a new gallery by choosing the "create new" gallery option in the drop down menu in the top left corner of the dialogue box.
4. Title your gallery and make sure to add a common tag to the gallery. For example, if this gallery is a collection of photos from your Sanctuary, add the tag "sanctuary".
5. Specify the demensions of your slide show. The optimal dimensions are 960px X 330px.
6. Save your options and close the dialogue box.

Step 2: Upload Images and Assign them a Tag

1. Upload the images you want to populate the gallery.
2. Once your images are uploaded go to each individual image and click on the edit icon in the bottom left corner of the image.
3. Clicking on this icon should open a dialogue box for that image. In the tag field add the common tag that you decided on when you created the gallery. In this case the tag we add was "sanctuary" so we want to add the same tag to the image. Also, you will want to edit the title and description since this will display as text in your slide show. If you want to add all the tags at once you can click on multiple images and then press the tag icon on the top of the page to assign the same tag to every photo that you highlighted.
4. Continue to add the same tag to every image you want to show up in your gallery.

Step 3: Modify or Add a New Rok Gallery Module

1. Go to your module manager under extensions and search for the RokGallery Module or add a new one.
2. modify your RokGallery module and set the parameters like the following screenshot. Make sure that under "module parameters" you replace the Gallery already showing with the gallery you just created.


7. Refresh your homepage and make sure the images are displaying properly.

RokGallery has a module to display its images outside of the component, and comes in two layout modes: Grid & Slideshow.
For complete RokGallery module documentation, please visit this page.