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Youtube Video Thumbnail issue

Youtube Video Thumbnail issue

Department: Tech Support

Date: 04.08.2013 11:18:58

06.08.2013 11:45:53



Good job figuring out that fix.  It seems to me that you did everything correctly, and you have encountered a bug in the module.

We could go down the road of trying to debug a third party module, but since you found a reasonable fix I think that would be major overkill.


URJ Confluence Support Team 

04.08.2013 11:18:58

Brion Feinberg:

I am using the Youtube Video Gallery With Channels module (mod_vipervideopro) to show a YouTube video in an article (I use the {loadmodule xxx to embed the module in the article).  It's just a single video, not a playlist.  So I'd like to not show the thumbnails under the video.  The page is http://www.trt.org/community-3/trt-cares/trt-caress-press-coverage/192-trt/trtcares/361-fox-news-video-about-trt-cares

I have attached some screenshots to demonstrate the problem.

To hide the thumbnails, I clicked the setting to disable display of thumbnails.  But when I do that, I get a single thumbnail showing, off to the lower right of the video.  I can "fix" this by setting the thumbnail size to 0 x 0, and that's how the page is set up now.  But why didn't disabling the thumbnails cause that single thumbnail to display.  Note that if I enable the thumbnails, and don't zero out the size, I get a nice display of thumbnails under the video, but it only has the single video (because this is just a display of a single video, not a playlist).