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Front end blog editing

Front end blog editing

Department: Tech Support

Date: 31.07.2013 23:29:03

05.08.2013 11:48:12



Thanks for clarifying.  I went ahead and made the changes you request, and here is how:

If you go under Components->Zoo there is a tab with a gear.  Click that, then click Blog.  Here, you'll see that you can edit templates for the blogs, including the submit template.  In the submit template, simple add the options you asked for.


URJ Confluence Support Team 

01.08.2013 22:40:53

Brion Feinberg:

Yeah, this is probably not obvious.

We created a series of user groups, related to the blogs.  For example, the President user group can submit and edit blog entries in the President's blog.

Then we added menu items to the Login menu, for creating and editing blogs.  But the menu items have permissions limiting them to the user groups. See attached. This way, onlly people in the correct user groups can edit the corresponding blogs.

So ... to test this out, assign yourself to the President user group.  Login via the front end and you should see the login menu on the right (it only shows if you are logged in).  There should now be a new item to Submit Blog Article - President. 

Clicking that entry will let you create a new blog article.  But it won't let you set the Frontend or Publish properties that Zoo needs to make the blog visible.

01.08.2013 21:01:19



Logged in, I don't see any buttons on the front-end of your blogs to add a new entry.  How do you normally create a new blog entry from the front-end?

31.07.2013 23:29:03

Brion Feinberg:

It used to be that when we added a Zoo blog entry via the front end, we could set the Published and Frontpage properties from the front end, thereby publishing the blog.  But now, when we login from the front end, these properties are no longer visible.  We can still create the new blog entry, but we have to use the backend to set these properties so that the blog appears.

Any idea why this changed?  Can we get to the situation where our clergy assistant can enter and edit the blogs from the front end, without requiring one of us with backend access to make these changes?