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Adding scripts to an article

embed wufoo form

Department: Tech Support

Date: 06.08.2013 15:33:55

09.08.2013 13:41:33


Update:  I found your shma code, and I found out what was causing the problem.

The problem:  The code you add for the form is getting mutated into broken code.

The cause:  RSFirewall active scanner has a rule to mutate unsafe html when coming from an untrusted source..

The fix:  Add your ipaddress to the exception whitelist for RSFirewall

How:  Go to Components->RSFirewall->Blacklist/Whitelist.  The webpage will show your current ip address at the top of the article.  Add your ip address to the whitelist.


URJ Confluence Support Team 

09.08.2013 12:45:56



The text filtering settings are now located under "Site->Global Configuration".  Your text filtering settings are actually fine.  I continued with the directions URJ Admin wrote, but I see that you chose a different way in the end.  The tutorial shows you how to embed javascript code into your article, but you use the method:

{loadposition shma}

Can you tell me why you chose this method, and how you edit shma?


URJ Confluence Support Team 

09.08.2013 09:20:00

URJ Admin:

I will escalate your case. Could be a bug.

thank you

08.08.2013 23:27:14


Yes - I am logging in as TEDC.

08.08.2013 22:40:40

URJ Admin:

If you are logging in as tedc that is set up as a super user. Is that how you sign in?

thank you

08.08.2013 16:19:28


When I go to "Article Manager Options", the "Text Filters" tab does not show up. Do I not have permission to edit this? The article you sent me instructed me to login as the Super User. Is this the default user?

Thanks so much for your help.

07.08.2013 17:28:36

URJ Admin:

07.08.2013 16:34:41


Yes - I did try that.

I would like to start from the beginning. How do I embed a form onto our website. I do not want to use the joomla form. We have had success with the wufoo forms but I cannot get it to work anymore.

06.08.2013 16:45:57

URJ Admin:

Ron did you try the suggestion we outlined before:


First you will want to duplicate and then rename the module 'school registration form' and update the code with the new form link.

Then you will want to add the following to the article where you want the form embedded, inserting the name of the new module:

{loadposition NEWNAME}

thank you

06.08.2013 15:33:55


We tried to embed a wufoo form. In the module, Joomla keeps converting the embedded to

form. This turns it into text instead of running the script.