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ReadMore and Zoo Blogs


Department: Tech Support

Date: 07.08.2013 20:24:52

09.08.2013 14:30:06


Hi Jessica, I have experience with your issue.

It turns out that the ReadMe button in the JCE editor doesn't work with Zoo blogs.  I agree, it's hard to find documentation on this.  I'm sorry for the frustration.


URJ Confluence Support Team 

08.08.2013 19:24:22

Jessica Fillmore:

Hi, that blog looks nice, and seems to be formated well.  That's what I want to do, but the ReadMore isn't working in Zoo, or I am not using it right.  I'm guessing there's something more I'm supposed to do, besides insert it into the article, but I can't figure out what, and can't find any instructions on that function.

08.08.2013 19:22:35

Jessica Fillmore:

Hi, no, that documentation/tutorial doesn't cover the function I'm trying to insert/use.

I attached a screen shot of the open Zoo article with the "ReadMore" inserted.  But as you can see from what you were looking at, it's not working, it just shows the "ReadMore" insert as a line.  

The Continue Reading works, if I set it up with a second text in the article, but I was trying to get the "ReadMore" to work, as I thought it might layout better.

I'm using the Continue Reading on the first blog item, Aug. 7 Inscription, you can see it just shows the first line, and then you click on the "CR" and it takes you to it's own page.

On the second blog item, I'm trying to use the "ReadMore" and it's not working, just a line where the insert is.

I'll look at the link for the new blog, but I don't know that we will be using this one so frequently, I just wanted to get it set up and looking nice for now.

08.08.2013 17:52:11

URJ Admin:


I've attached the screenshot as i see it on my browser. Are you referring to where it says 'continue reading' or something else?

I found some documentation here- http://www.yootheme.com/zoo/documentation/getting-started/set-up-the-zoo-item-module

Also, I see that you are providing an iframe to the rj.org blog but perhaps you would be interested in our new blog at http://reformjudaism.org/blog?

thank you

08.08.2013 16:27:24

Jessica Fillmore:


08.08.2013 16:10:18

URJ Admin:

What is the URL of your site so we can help troubleshoot?

thank you

07.08.2013 20:24:52

Jessica Fillmore:

Hi, I'm trying to use the "ReadMore" function in our blog section in Zoo.  But, I can't seem to get it to work.  I've inserted the "Readmore" icon into the text on the page, but it doesn't do anything.  It just shows a line on the page, and the text continues below it.  I see that I can do a similar thing by inserting a second text box, but I'd like to see if the formating works better with the Readmore function.  I can't find any instructions on this function.  Can you send me some?