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Controlling Volunteer Editors
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TOPIC: Controlling Volunteer Editors

Re: Controlling Volunteer Editors 05 Jan 2014 19:20 #2170

We took a more draconian approach. After starting to make plans to train our committee chairs, we realized that the logistical problems would be insurmountable. Not all of them are computer savvy; getting them all together in one place at one time would be impossible, so we'd have to do one-on-one training; and the quality and timeliness of the content would be very uneven.

Our decision, much to my regret, was that I would do all site maintenance and updates. I do have two other people who are trained as my backups, in case I get hit by a bus. I give them a little refresher course every few months.

I had really hoped to get out from the content maintenance. I've been doing just that for about 10 years, and I'm not happy about it.
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Re: Controlling Volunteer Editors 05 Jan 2014 21:07 #2176

Having thought about the problem a little more, I am surprised that it is obvious to me that this wasn't a major requirement of RJ Web Builder 2.0!

Perhaps it is and I just haven't come across the appropriate information.

Maybe I need to state the requirements again, hopefully more clearly.

What any site that isn't completely maintained by a single person needs is a workflow, version control system that will allow one or more 'editors' or 'authors' to simply modify one or more pieces of content. This part can be done using current Back End or more simply Front End users.

Once created or edited, there must be an approval process before the edited or created content gets published.

This system might be called workflow control, versioning or version control or more broadly content management.

Parts of this - the access control (ACL) is fundamental to Joomla versions 1.6 and greater. So far I haven't seen that RJ Web Builder 2.0 does the workflow/version control part.

Since there are many multiple editior news sites, etc. that require this are are likely to have been implemented in Joomla, an extension that does what is needed probably exists already.

Not being knowledgeable about all the already installed extensions, does one or more of them do this?

Or does someone have experience with an extension that isn't already installed that does this?

Michael Slade
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