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Member/Users - How do you manage them?
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TOPIC: Member/Users - How do you manage them?

Member/Users - How do you manage them? 04 Jun 2014 16:16 #2370

We're not planning to allow front end users to make any modifications to the site or its contents, but we are considering restricting some portions of the site to members.

I've set up self-registration in the past (on other sites), with absolutely horrendous results. The system was flooded with spammers and trolls within days. On the other hand, admin approval is a nuisance; and so is creating users, one by one, through the back end.

How do you folks handle the logistics?

Re: Member/Users - How do you manage them? 15 Jun 2014 12:42 #2373

  • ALF
  • Gold Boarder
  • Temple Beth Or Web Editor
  • Posts: 197
Yeah, we too tried self-registration with the same super-ugly results. Not an option. I have to admit, that, while tedious, I did manually create a Joomla user for each congregant. Our temple is smallish, so there were probably less than 150 entries. Each initially had the same password; I sent a 'how to log on' email to everyone, with their initial password and instructions on how to change it (at best, only 10% changed, which is a little alarming).

We have only a small portion of our site (Member Resources) that requires a log in, but it contains stuff like our directory, budget, volunteer schedules, etc. Once I did the initial work, maintenance is quite minimal, with periodic requests from new members for accounts and requests from members who forgot their password (usually the initial one I gave out to everyone!).

Not perfect, but I don't know what else to do. I did look online for some kind of automated script that would take a list of members and make them Joomla users, but didn't find anything.
Al Friedman
Temple Beth Or
Everett, WA

Re: Member/Users - How do you manage them? 19 Jun 2014 14:23 #2376

  • Bernie
  • Gold Boarder
  • Posts: 212
I considered having people register too, but our key staff person had some experience with that in the past and vetoed the idea. 1) She didn't want to deal with potentially 1,600 or more people contacting her when they forgot their id. 2) Some time ago and before I was involved they experimented giving individual id's to each Board member and asking them to login and change their passwords. Response was very poor.

What we've done instead, and which is not uncommon, is to have one or more id's that are shared among congregants. We protect our membership directory but very little else, so it is rare that more than one congregant would want to be logged in at the same time. So rare that I haven't heard of it happening. (Technical aside: if a second congregant did attempt to login with the shared id, it would have the effect of logging off that id.)

We have several people who can (are supposed to) edit articles about their committees. They each have their own id. If they forget their password they can use the forgot password feature. I made that feature inoperative for the shared id.

When an editor is logged in they have access to only the article(s) that they are authorized to edit, AND they have access to a couple of menu items that have a tutorial on editing and some other information.

There is only one place where our shared id's is a problem - Joom Donation. If a user is logged in and uses JDonation, JDonation remembers that users name, address, etc. That is nice if every user has a unique id, but with shared id's that isn't so nice. The author of JDonation did a mod for me to prevent it from remembering the info for a logged in user. BUT when URJ updated JDonation the mod was wiped out and they wouldn't cooperate in asking the author to make the mod again.
Bernie Mayoff
Dallas, Texas

Re: Member/Users - How do you manage them? 19 Jun 2014 17:40 #2377

Thanks, Bernie, that's more or less what my thinking was.

A few years ago I was badgered by the board to set up a place for members to share information. Only about half the board ever registered, and the only people that ever used it were those in our Torah study group (because I twisted their arms). Those few found it useful.
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