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1 How to Handle Site Updates (Hot!)
2 Going Live (Hot!)
3 What is RJ WebBuilder 2.0? (Hot!)
4 What are the system requirements for using RJ WebBuilder 2.0.? (Hot!)
5 Can I use my Mac to create/maintain the website? (Hot!)
6 Can my temple keep their domain and email addresses if moving to RJ WebBuilder 2.0? (Hot!)
7 What features does RJ WebBuilder 2.0 offer? (Hot!)
8 What kinds of safeguards are built into the system for backup in case of server failure? (Hot!)
9 Can we control the site navigation? (Hot!)
10 Where is the URJ content? (Hot!)
11 How much will it cost? (Hot!)
12 Who do we contact for technical support? (Hot!)
13 We don't want any of the URJ templates. Can we choose our own? (Hot!)
14 Does the hosting provider allow us to upload our own themes, or are we limited to the 5 they've provided? I saw some mention of them customizing them, but if we wanted someone else to do it, is that possible? (Hot!)
15 Can we add our own code/widgets/features to the existing templates if we wanted to? If so are there any technologies we are limited to? PHP/VB? HTML5, Flash, siverlight etc.? (Hot!)
16 Do we have access to a SQL database if we wanted? (Hot!)
17 Can we import content from an existing wordpress blog? (Hot!)
18 I noticed on the templates that the URLs didn't use textual names, but were database calls. Is it possible to use clean names to improve the SEO? (Hot!)
19 I am not HTML capable. Will I need to learn it for the new program? (Hot!)
20 How different is RJ Web Builder 2.0 than 1.0? (Hot!)
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