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Getting Started

Follow our Getting Started Check List to get started building your website. For an overview of the available templates click here.

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# Article Title
1 How to Change the Logo (Hot!)
2 How to Choose Final Template Presets and Settings (Hot!)
3 How to Link Social Icons (Hot!)
4 How to Change Contact Information in Footer (Hot!)
5 How to Change Meta Tags, Keywords and Site Name (Hot!)
6 How to Add YouTube Videos, Channels, and Playlists (Hot!)
7 Module Positions and Style Variations (Hot!)
8 How to Float an Image Around Text - Left / Right Justify (Hot!)
9 How to Move the Sidebar Position Left or Right of the Mainbody (Hot!)
10 How to Change Email Address for Joom Donations and PayPal Account — General, Healing and Yahrzheit Campaigns (Hot!)
11 How to Change Shabbat Times Zip Code in Footer (Hot!)
12 How to Change Map Location on Directions Page (Hot!)
13 How to Add a Google Calendar (Hot!)
14 How to Create Newsletters and Archives using Google Docs (Hot!)
15 How to Configure Your Front Page Slideshow (Hot!)
16 Template Module Positions, Titles, and Types (Hot!)
17 How to Edit the Rabbi's Blog (Hot!)
18 How to Upload Audio Files using the Audio Player (Hot!)
19 How to Use the JCE Editor (Hot!)
20 Why is the Hebrew letter Shin at the top of every page? (Hot!)
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